Firstly, the NRC full form is “National Register of Citizens,” according to the article about the system for all India. But, the NRC acronym also used for other terms.

In India, the National Register of Citizens is a list of each Indian citizen. It requires the Citizenship Act 1955 as amended in 2003.

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What is the NRC Meaning in India

According to The Citizenship Act 1955, the NRC meaning is India’s citizen’s register. This act had amended in 2003 and it has implemented in the state of Assam 2013-2014.

So, on the basis of the 2003 citizenship rules, the central authority can issue an order. It can order to prepare the National Population Register (NPR) to gather data on the NRC base.

According to India’s TV anchors, talks shows and newspapers, the NRC full form and meanings are:

Well, the first question about the NRC is a part of the nationality and a change act? The reply is no.

Also, CAA is a different law and NRC is a totally separate procedure. After its approval from parliament, the CAA has come into effect nationwide under NRC rules and procedures for the nation.

The NRC process in Assam was conducted by the Honorable Supreme Court of India and mandated by the Assam accord or Memorandum of understanding.

Also, another question is often asked. Should Indian Muslims be concerned about the citizenship amendment Act or the NRC in this regard?

The response is that no Indian citizen of any faith is completely concerned about the citizenship amendment act or the NRC.

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  1. National Register of Citizens
  2. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  3. Norwegian Refugee Council

Other terms for NRC full form

Here, Some other N-R-C full form is:

NRC – Norwegian Refugee Council. It is a self-governing humanitarian organization that helps forced individuals to flee.

NRC – Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). This government organization help protecting people and as well as the environment.

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