The acronym MOMO full form has been using in various conversations and fields. So, the full form of momo is pretty different according to nature and discussion.

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Here, I am telling you about the meaning of M.O.M.O and its variations in different fields.

M.O.M.O full-forms and meaning

In general: This abbreviation and meaning are using for “annoying or idiot people”.

In Physiology or Medical Laboratory Term: It stands for: Multiple Observative Mimetic Organics.

M.O.M.O: in Chating: it stands as “Mind Of My Own”

In Recipe Term: It is a type of South Asian dumpling. It is very popular in Himalayan, Hindustan/India subcontinents, South Asia border regions.
the M.O.M.Os are native to Tibet, North India, Nepal, and Ladakh. Also, it is pretty similar to Chinese dish jiaozi, Korean mandu, Japanese gyoza and many more.

I deeply searched on high authority websites about momo full form to elaborate it with a single definition. But, I found majorly different full-forms and meaning for this specific term.

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