The Executive Assistant:

The EA is like an administrative assist or a secretary. They support usually and executives of the business or organization, by handling or supervision their office duties.

Firstly, An executive’s assist is specifically an office’s senior staff.

Secondly, He/she has assigned to supervise for a top executive of the organization, or business, daily tasks.

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The Administrative Assistant:

Administrative Assistant work depends on a wide variety of duties in an organization or business.

Administrative Assist. job Responsibilities

He/She supports a company’s daily administrative work. In which: office management, answering phone calls, meeting with clients, employers’ assistance, some clerical work (data entry and maintaining office records or some more other variety of tasks.

What does an Executive Assistant of a CEO do?

Well, the major or core responsibilities or duties of the CEO’s executive assistant is to manage CEOs or PDs office work.

Executive Assistant is responsible to organize CEOs meetings with booking facilities and meeting rooms and make sure the required office and types of equipment are properly equipped.

For example, all video conference pieces of equipment are functional, proper seating and documents are available.

Is an Executive Assistant a good job?

According to labor market research, EA job is one of the best careers in the, indeed.

Because this job provides shorten the path to senior management positions in all reputed organizations.

Also, I have a list of my favorite jobs. Among them, an executive’s assistant is a best and selective career for me and I recommend this to all who are searching to choose for the best career.

Furthermore, if you have a strong grip on the EA profession you can deliver your services remotely, mean as a freelancer. So, here I am also discussing the remote EA.

Remote Executive Assistant Role

The remote EA is an individual, he/she can perform usually administrative job remotely.

A remote or virtual EA is responsible for meetings schedule, attend calls, travel planning, online research, and other expense management.

Also, some remote executive assistants or PAs have special skills too. They can handle social media accounts, and IT support roles. furthermore, handling social media engagements and solve IT issues.

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